Close Up of a Spanish Guitar

The essential book and three CD Set for
aficionados of the Spanish guitar
A Collection of Fine Spanish Guitars
Torres to the Present
Second Edition
By Sheldon Urlik

Explore a masterful collection.

Hear the instruments

The accurate voices of the Collection's guitars are included with the book on 3 CDs.  Here are some selections.

From the author.

This book documents 82 Classical and Flamenco guitars in, likely, the finest collection of modern Spanish guitars existent. Together these splendid guitars, many rare and irreplaceable, magnify the importance of the work that created them, and reveal the differences in woods, shapes, sizes, embellishments, finishes, and construction methods that make each instrument distinctive.

The author hopes that the overview and comparative study that this book and included audio CDs presents contribute to the reader’s knowledge, enjoyment and appreciation of fine Spanish Guitars. A Collector version for fine book enthusiasts is available at extra cost. It has a fine brown leather binding, gilded page edges, and is limited to 180 numbered copies. The primary text is the same as the standard version.

Francisco Tárrega

All of the great masters are represented including:

Choose Your Version

The book is available in Standard and Collector versions. Both are high-quality books with virtually identical texts. The Collector version, for a reasonable $70.00 more, is bound in brown leather with page edges gilded with 18 karat gold, features popular with fine book enthusiasts.

Superior Quality Bookmaking

This meticulously written book is printed and bound with much care and premium materials. 

  • The paper used, Topkote 100lb Book, has superior fiber formation, ink holdout, quality of fiber and coating formulation, dull surface, and lower fluorescence, which enhances readability and showcases the photographs and illustrations.
  • Binding is Smyth sewn, which is a hallmark of library-quality and archival-safe books. The papers are physically sewn into the book using binders’ thread and are further reinforced with fabric and adhesive to create a very durable and usable book.
  • Vellum-patterned, cloth-covered hardcovers give beauty and durability. The hardcovers are cored with heavy binders-board to resist bending, warping, nicking, and crushing.
  • Marble-patterned end sheets “frame” the book’s contents.
  • Dust jacket is laminated to resist stains and wear-and-tear.
  • Pink-gold foil embossing on the cover and spine provides beauty with the dust jacket off.
  • The Collector Version, intended for fine book enthusiasts, is leather bound, has gilded page edges, and is limited to 180 numbered copies.

The results are handsome books with crisp visuals and pleasing tactile feel that contribute to enjoyable reading, hopefully, for generations. Intangible benefits are retention of value and pride of ownership that fine books, like this one, often bring.

Ordering Information

A Collection of Fine Spanish Guitars from Torres to the Present — Second Edition, including the three CD set, is available at many music and instrument sources. Order online from Sunny Knoll Publishing by clicking on the appropriate box below, or by telephone, fax, email or postal mail. Payable by VISA – MasterCard – American Express – Discover

Over 2,000 copies have been bought to date and have been unanimously well received. True story: actually, one customer felt that the book contained too much information, but he kept his book. The author hopes this fine book will add to your knowledge of the Spanish guitar, be a useful reference, and that you regard it as a very good value. If you do, please consider gifting a copy to a special person on special occasions.