Standard Version - A Collection of Fine Spanish Guitars from Torres to the Present, Second Edition

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The extensive Spanish guitar collection featured in this book spans from the mid-nineteenth century, when the seminal luthier Antonio de Torres began the modern era of Spanish guitar making, to the present. Each guitar has a chapter containing a detailed physical description, comments, insights, anecdotes, notes on its maker and an array of photographs. Readers will be able to enjoy, compare, and critically listen to the collection’s guitars, individually, on three accurately produced audio CDs recorded by virtuoso guitarists Kenton Youngstrom and Richard Bruné.

This book documents the 82 Classical and Flamenco guitars in, likely, the finest collection of modern Spanish guitars existent. Together these splendid guitars, many rare and irreplaceable, magnify the importance of the work that created them, and reveal the differences in woods, shapes, sizes, embellishments, finishes, and construction methods that make each instrument distinctive.

The author hopes that the overview and comparative study that this book and included audio CDs presents contribute to the reader’s knowledge, enjoyment and appreciation of fine Spanish Guitars. A Collector version for fine book enthusiasts is available at extra cost. It has a fine brown leather binding, gilded page edges, and is limited to 180 numbered copies. The primary text is the same.

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